Families Hope, LLC SCL Waiver Services

We Make Living Exciting!

Families Hope is a SCL and Michelle P. Waiver Provider. We are a new provider and are located in the Lexington area. We are currently accepting referrals for participants who have qualified for the SCL or the Michelle P. Waiver.

We want to provide person centered services that will allow our participants to benefit from exceptional services such as activities of daily living, day training, community access, respite, personal care, supported employment and contracted services of positive behavior supports, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and psychological services.

We pride ourselves in knowing the needed services our participants want. We put forth the effort to get to know each participant on a personal level so we can structure their services specifically to their wants and needs. We spend personal one on one time with our participants so they can experience personalized events and groups in the community. We build relationships that last a lifetime. With Families Hope we make living exciting. Come and live with us!